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I have all the means necessary to achieve all that I want. Justine Paige, J. Dean.  July 1, 2014
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Sign of the Sun, feature to be filmed at
MBS Media Campus.

Director: jDean
Screenplay: jDean and Justine Paige

Starring: Justine Paige, Dukaroo Roo,
Kevin Boyd, Troy Jacob, Martin Gollery,
Alisa Buselli, jDean, Cindy Boudett
Production Company: SOTS Films
774 Mays Blvd.
Incline Village, NV 89451

Genre: Space Opera, Feature
(series of 9)

Bi-line: Sign of the Sun is a story
about a woman who comes into our
world to bring a message of peace
and love through music.
Creating Art, Music, and a Studio Through One Motion Picture:  Sign of the Sun